Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Philadelphia Cheese Dick................

 Football is a funny game. The Philadelphia Eagles fired their Defensive Coordinator, Juan Castillo, yesterday. Here's what's funny. Juan Castillo's entire career in Philly started in 1996. He was hired as an Offensive Assistant. He also spent time as Tight Ends coach. He was promoted to Offensive Line Coach in 1998. He served in that position under Andy Reid for thirteen seasons.
 Last year, Reid promoted Castillo to DEFENSIVE coordinator. Until that time, Castillo had not coached the Defensive side of the ball for over twenty years, back when he was in Division 2. There is a pattern here, with the longest tenured coach in the NFL.
 In 2001, Reid was promoted to Executive Vice President of football operations. That means he is in charge of hiring and firing. Which also means, he was the one who fired Castillo. Here is the problem, and this is why a Coach should be nothing but a Coach. The Executive Vice President of football operations is in charge of one thing. Day to day operations of your teams success.
 With all this said, Reid should have fired?.........................HIMSELF
The luster is gone, and has been gone for years. As a White Sox fan, I was sad to see Ozzie Guillen fired last year. After all, he brought a Championship to this town after one season. But, you can't rest on that. Reid took the Eagles to Four straight NFC Championship games, finally going to the Super Bowl in '04. And, LOST. Since '04, he's gone to only one other Championship game. So he fires a guy who should have never been given the job he got. I'm not even an Eagle fan (Da Bears!) and even I'm irate. I can't imagine how Eagles fans feel. But this was just an opinion piece written by someone who loves NFL football. But there is one very glaring fact. The hapless Offense (Reid's baby) is the one of the worse. Second only to Jacksonville. I guess the good news is that Reid should be gone at the end of the year.


  1. Too bad it isn't the defense thats the problem, it's Vick. I don't like any Eagle but I have hated Vick since he was drafted by Atlanta and am happy to see him fail. And Reid will be fired by the owners if (when) Philly fails to make the playoffs

    1. Red- My opinion is that the only thing that will save his job is a February game. He's old news. Very good possibility that they finish last in the division.

      As for Vick? I never bought into him. Maybe a good athlete, but a shit Quarterback, not too mention he's bad with dogs.