Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Bitch is gone.....

 Sandy has left and in her wake is devastation. More than 40 deaths, including two young boys who died in New York when a tree fell into there living room. Millions without power. A horrific event that most of the United States did not have to endure.


 This is now a good time for us as Americans to help. Political beliefs and parties aside, American citizens need our help. Below are links to different charitable organizations and relief funds. If at all possible, I'm sure the smallest of donations would mean everything. Let's keep these people in our prayers.


  1. Now remember - Mittens wants to get rid of FEMA. I hate to wish woe on anyone's ass but I hope that Eric Cantor's (R-Va)district took it hard! Hey, this shit is far from over! All of that snow and rain has to come down the creeks and rivers that empty into the Ohio - We could see some serious flooding.

    The Republicans bitch about BIG government - well, a BIG storm requires BIG action and fast!



    1. "I hate to wish woe on anyone's ass but I hope that Eric Cantor's (R-Va)district took it hard!"
      I have to agree with Tenth on this one Sarge. I know you have a strong belief on FEMA and helping others, but no matter what anyone thinks, or how they vote, I wouldn't wish anyone the devastation a storm like this could cause.
      I will have to closely watch the Ohio River Valley situation. Something I haven't told you yet, but I think my Aunt and Uncle live pretty close to your parents.

  2. As a veteran of many of these disasters, I think the best thing the government can do is get out of the way. Good neighbors are helping, and the govt will make them stop.

    Bad wishes are bad wishes, Sarge. That's in really poor taste.

    1. I remember you going through this situation with Irene last year. I do find it wonderful that a bad storm can usually bring out the best in the American spirit.