Friday, October 19, 2012

The Liberal's idea of tolerance and free thinking.

 Well I've been banned yet again. Apparently, the free flow of ideas on a Liberal blog only works, if you agree with them, don't criticize Obama, or criticize the shit out of Romney.
 My first banning was by Muddy over at Mudrake. Although I will admit, I wasn't banned from there due to ideas. He got mad because I deleted a comment. I'll be honest with you, I kind of miss him and our back and forths. Even if you don't like him, I did. His debate with CS on religion was awesome. Both of them debating back and forth in a friendly manner actually got  me to research things. Can you believe that? Me, an agnostic researching facts about God and the bible.
 Because of Muddy, I met two good guys. Dottie and EOK. I've communicated with both via e-mail, and actually talk to one on the phone and text messaging quite a bit.
 I take full responsibility for what happened between Muddy and I. Things would always get heated, and quite often, I would step over the line. Now that I think about it I think I'll try getting a hold of him when I'm done here.
 But this latest incident is pathetic. I will not mention names, and will remove names when I see fit. I don't want anyone to visit this close minded Jack Wagon's blog. So, a quick recap.

 My first comment on this man's blog was on 10/16...................................................
Hello ##- Almost forgot about our little diatribe. Hope ##'s absence is a simple hiatus, and not permanent. Felt like I had to comment here for obvious reasons. You didn't mention too much in the post, So I'll go back to our original diatribe, if you don't mind.

"Willard's website says (and I have a video of the werds coming out of his lying mouth)He specifies a 20% cut in income tax rates, a 40% cut in the corporate tax rate, repeal of the estate tax and alternative minimum tax and elimination of taxes on interest, dividends and capital gains for households with incomes below $200,000.( The Independent Non Partisan Tax Policy Center AND the Wall Street Journal BOTH say that will reduce revenues by $4.8T. Wednesday night, however, he said he was "Not in favor of a $5T tax cut"(on more than one occasion) and he would keep marginal rates at their current levels while raising Defense spending by $2T MORE than already budgeted. Which is it? Either he's lying on his website (and on camera multiple times) ... or he lied in front of America Wednesday night(on camera, multiple times)."
1- The center estimated that altogether, the lost revenues would total $480 billion by 2015. The Obama campaign adds up the cost over a decade and winds up with $4.8 trillion, which it then rounds up to $5 trillion.
The conclusion is accurate but misleading. Yes, the cuts would total that amount, but as Obama himself noted as he continued speaking, Romney hopes to offset the lost revenues by closing loopholes and deductions. The reductions in tax breaks are as much a part of Romney’s plan as the tax cuts.
2- If memory serves, Romney said he would work with Congress on eliminating loopholes. That's where his whole bi-partisanship musing came into play.
3- I believe the 2T defense shit and the tax cuts were separate issues. Obama was wise to throw that one at him, but when you got someone down, you step on there throat, you don't give 'em smelling salts.

Look ##, I love argumentative banter, as long as it's friendly. I also like meeting new bloggers such as yourself. But before we continue this thread, or you post something about me needing to be informed (which is appreciated), you need to know one thing. I am no longer voting for Romney. 

But I do stand behind my original comments. Romney won that debate. He won it because Obama let him. Obama's biggest problem is that (Spoiler) he is not good at debating. He just isn't. If Romney stood there and told all these outright lies, what does it say about our President? WHO LET HIM. Biden was more Presidential than Obama.

I have tonight's debate DVR'd. Probably won't get to it until tomorrow. But I'll stop back, maybe frequently. LOLOLOLOLOL, aren't you a lucky clown.

BTW- One question. You said in that thread, "Changing your point of view because of THE FACTS is an admirable quality, but changing your POV because of PRESENT COMPANY is despicable!"
Out of curiosity, what do you think about Obama's flip-flop on gay marriage?
Talk to ya soon.............................

This comment was left on a post where the blogger personally referenced me. It went back to a debate on another blog between him and myself. Here's his reply posted on 10/17.......................................

J.O.B., Thanks for dropping by and for your comment. You're welcome over here ANY time .... regardless of how you vote!
I was under the impression our disagreement was about whether or not Romney lied (is still lying) about his tax plan .... not who won that debate. Unquestionably, Romney won what debating took place that night and your points on that debate are well taken. My President's "throat stepping" adviser was recently elected Mayor of Chicago and that position is as yet still open.
however .....
I am no Federal Income Tax expert, but folks at The Independent Non Partisan Tax Policy Center are. THEY say that if you cut ALL the loopholes and ALL the deductions it STILL doesn't add up to $5T over ten years. Furthermore, if Mitt cuts the Home Mortgage deduction that will, in essence BE a tax HIKE on everyone who takes that deduction. THEY say (The Independent Non Partisan Tax Policy Center) you cannot cut taxes by 20% across the board and still BE revenue neutral. Bi-Partisan agreement or no. Not even with magical underwear on unicorns. Just doesn't make sense, even if Ryan and Romney "had TIME" to explain it to us, it doesn't add up.
You are correct about that extra $2T as well. After I read the Romney/Ryan tax plan and heard Willard speak of the $2T increase in Defense spending I mentally connected the two for no apparent reason. BUT ....If you CANNOT achieve a revenue neutral 20% tax cut across the board without raising SOMEBODY'S taxes .... where's that money coming from? From the, again, magically created 12M jobs? Another contribution by those patriotic 'Murkans the Koch brothers? Probably not .....
Like you I dvr'd last night's debate and haven't had the chance to view it yet.I HOPE Obama CHANGEd his tactics. I'm a Yankee fan (what?) and it appears their elimination will come much sooner than November 6th. I don't have magical underwear to help them in the post season but I do have a 'special' cap I wear. Which, by the way, after last night's whuppin' the Tigers put on my Yankees seems to be magic "neutral", as well.
As for Obama's 180 on gay marriage fer shure it was a political ploy to woo the "Bleeding Heart" Liberals back into the fold, and though it has fuck all to do with me or Barry(I don't think PBO's gay, either), it was the right thing to do, human rights wise, though it WILL cost him votes next month.
Again, thanks for stopping by and commenting. If you still believe Romney's tax plan is doable c'mon back .... I've got an old abacus out in the shed ... we'll sit out back, watch my birds, and have a beer. I'm a Mathamagician with that thing! Maybe Willard and lil' Eddy could use one ....

Here's another back and forth on a separate post, same blog and same time frame.

##- Quite useful and awesome. Might add it to a blog post of mine. With your permission of course.

Check out this document, then tell me these two aren't cowardice pussies.

This comment was left on a post that included quite a useful link. Here is his reply.

J.O.B., GOO-uh-OOD-NESS! After the first reading of that document I thought perhaps they had forgotten to add a rule or two .... but on second reading? Nope! they gottum all! That document alone created several jobs .... for LAWYERS! heh
As for content ... take what you need. As the title of this blog implies, NONE of my content is original. It comes from the nowhere ... and it goes to the no place. So take whatcha need ....

btw .... visited your page and that's a very pretty lil' girl ya' got there! Her Momma must be a beauty queen .... and it's a good thing too ... what with all the ugly YOU thowed into the mix! heh heh heh
Johnny O'Bloggin, huh? J.O.B.. Not at all what I assumed. I see those very initials (J.O.B.) pert near every day ... but it's because I use

After this exchange, I thought we were on a pretty friendly basis. He even complimented the Princess, and joked about my looks. Hey, I'll give him that. I ain't pretty, but I do think I have beautiful eyes. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
This is a comment I left on 10/18. The post was in regards to the recent debate when Romney/Obama were talking about women in the work place, and The Lily Ledbetter Act.

So ##, Obama's claim to fame is Lily Ledbetter? Let's take a look at that.
1st- The Ledbetter Act passed the Senate on 01-22-09. Obama signed it into law on 01-29-09. That's a whole 9 days after his inauguration. He supposedly championed it. Must have been during his Presidential run. I would also like to add, what this bill does. The Act amends the Civil Rights Act of 1964 stating that the 180-day statute of limitations for filing an equal-pay lawsuit regarding pay discrimination resets with each new paycheck affected by that discriminatory action.

This is the champion of women's rights? Good times.

BTW- I like to think my Princess looks like me. Considering the EX is a disgustingly ugly woman. Inside and out.
Good to see you admit that our President is despicable.
I never got into rolling papers. I have always been a bowl kind of guy.

Now here is his reply posted today. 

You missed it, ####er, because it didn't happen. J.O.B. here is using a tactic called "baiting" in which he blathers passive aggressive nonsense to evoke a reaction .... and further debate. This guy is what Squatty referred to as "the weight" and what the rest of us call a .... fuckin' .... TROLL! So .... unlike Squat I won't try to reason with this shit stirring idiot, I'll just ... fuckin' .... BLOCK his monkey ass! This will be Johnny O'Bloggin's last retort because now he's Johhny O' ....fuckin' .... BLOCKED! Yes ... he'll post a comment as ANONYMOUS .... I'll switch to comment moderation .... you and the three or four LEGITIMATE commenters here will be annoyed ... we'll dance this dance until he finds someone else to intimidate and life for us will then return to normal. BUT .... make no mistake .... this is the last you'll see of J.O.B. over here. Oh, sure .... if it gets real bad ... I'll go over and take a giant SHIT on his page two or three times a day (fire for effect!) and disrupt his little cesspool corner of the interwebs ... you remember BBC? Should be about as interesting.
J.O.B. .... sorry, dude .... I tried to give you a chance, but "We don't LIKE yer kind 'round these parts .... sooooo .... Buh-Bye and good riddance.
And I disagree with you about yer little Princess. She really is a cute lil' girl and looks NOTHING like you. I suspect that if yer EX is as FUGLY as you say she is ... she can't be any FUGLIER than ... fuckin' ... YOU ... and perhaps it's like adding two negative numbers together. BTW .... what does that Ugly Ex-wife of yours think about her daughter headlining yer .... fuckin' .... Titty Blog? Yer showin' Reeeeeeeeal Class with that, Son! In closing I'd like to say .... MERGE PETER CHEESE! "Or I shall taunt you a second time-uh..."

######, see how that's done? No pain, no strain, no weight, no .... fuckin' .... J.O.B.

 There it is. Liberal idealism at it's finest. I have always taken pride in my manners. At least while on other blogs. If anyone disagree's, please let me know.  But we are not on someone else's blog now, are we?
 To my latest censor, GO FUCK YOURSELF. You are obviously a mindless, non thinking piece of shit. You are so blinded by your hate for Republicans and Conservatives, that you don't even see that you are practicing the same tactics that you as a "Liberal" preach against. The GOP intimidates? Really? What am I to gather by your threats of coming to my blog and shitting all over it.? That your the piece loving, tree hugger type? 
 I never went to your blog and acted rudely to you, or your commenters. And your last reply is what I get. You are a small minded conformist. I will now explain to you why that is.

 Lily Ledbetter is a shit law.  It does nothing for women's rights other than just opening a possible door. The woman who was discriminated against has to do her own investigating, she has to hire an attorney, and she has to file suit. Are you fucking kidding me? That's your answer to a woman's right in the workplace? Or do you just like it because our incumbent Fucktard "Championed" it. How about a better idea. Like audits of companies through payroll tax forms and other avenues, by the Department of Labor? Why should a woman who's already been discriminated against, be forced to incur additional costs to prove her discrimination? Oh, I remember now, Obama "Championed" it, and Romney's against it. So YOU must be the righteous one.
 AND HOW DARE YOU, talk to me about class, and how to raise a child. You don't know me, my child, or what I've went through just to be a part of my child's life. So maybe you should stay away from that one you piece of shit.
 But hey, thanks for not calling HER ugly. You are definitely all heart, all class, and all man.
 Oh, and you can comment over here anytime. Your input is always welcome. That's my motto, come one come all. Open doors to everyone. Even an ASSHOLE such as yourself. Good day sir.

     Now I have an old acquaintance to contact.


I realize that there may be some confusion over the Asshole's last comment. I will add more to clarify

JOB, dude. I must admit that I usually skip over your comments for various reasons. I have viewed your website but likewise skip over that as well. But if you'd like more than skipping, you need to stop printing the "facts" as you choose to hear them. If you want to lay down the facts about Ledbetter, do it. Say that GW Bushkin and his cronies killed the same bill and say that John McCain campaigned against it and Obama promised to make it a priority if he was elected.

Say that Obama and his new Democratic majority gathered enough Republican Senators to support the Bill and prevent other Repub assholes from fill-a-fucking-busting the bill. He made a promise and kept it.

And I must have missed where B### admitted the Prez is despicable.

This comment was left my another nameless commenter. I replied but it was erased. It was actually well thought out and I agreed with a lot of his points. Oh well, his loss. But you will notice the commenters last sentence. Well, this part of my comment "Good to see you admit that our President is despicable.  

This was an attempt at tongue and cheek humor. I know the Blogger never called Obama despicable. The funny thing is that I believe this is what set him "OFF". The funnier part is that in a round about sort of way. He did call The President despicable. Let's start. This is from a thread on a different blog.
"Changing your point of view because of THE FACTS is an admirable quality, but changing your POV because of PRESENT COMPANY is despicable!"

So I posed this simple question.
BTW- One question. You said in that thread, "Changing your point of view because of THE FACTS is an admirable quality, but changing your POV because of PRESENT COMPANY is despicable!"
Out of curiosity, what do you think about Obama's flip-flop on gay marriage?

Here is his reply.
As for Obama's 180 on gay marriage fer shure it was a political ploy to woo the "Bleeding Heart" Liberals back into the fold, and though it has fuck all to do with me or Barry(I don't think PBO's gay, either), it was the right thing to do,

So there you have it. If you are Republican and you change your point of view due to present company, or to garner votes, you are despicable. But if a Democrat does the same thing, it's the right thing to do.

Maybe some day, I'll figure that one out.


  1. I haven't had politics on my page in a while but all opinions are welcome, I have never blocked anyone and encourage thoughtful debate.

    1. You know Red. That's what I like. I find that friendly debate adds to the learning process. You look things up, you research, and you learn. I visit Conservative(No matter what)blogs, and I visit Liberal(No matter what)blogs. I'll be honest with you, I have been responded to with ignorant rants twice. Both Liberal blogs. Although one was not a blogger, just a commenter, so I don't count that one.
      Whatever, it is what it is. I will respect Assholes wish and no longer visit his blog.

  2. Hey I get deleted from time to time, sometimes I let my sense of humor and the absurd take me places that could be "misinterpreted" and sometimes, well, I'm the only one who gets my joke...but, hey, I'm my own bestest audience. Frankly, I think Mudrake wouldn't mind if you showed up on his blog.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I was working at the chateau hauling grapes again and driving tractors...2 weeks of medieval labor, but that's my idea of fun!
    You mentioned that your Bro in law moved to Montreal...I spent a few weeks in Quebec in the early 80's. I played in a French American rock band...that's how I met my wife. She and the guitarist of the band speak perfect Parisian French...they told me and the drummer...we were the American part of the band...that the Quebecois spoke French more like Brooklynese is to English. Now that I live in France, I see there is a lot of humor based on Quebecois French...Some of the biggest pop stars here are Quebecois...Celine Dion and a great singer named Garou for example and the comedians have a field day imitating them.
    I must admit that I started to learn French late after my brain had turned to concrete....It was hard, because for a few years the people around me had to put up with a sort of infantile deranged hillbilly...I remember walking into a butcher shop and seeing cows brains in the display case and asking the butcher something like, "Is that them the cows thought things?"
    None the less, I forged on and told everyone, "Wait, me talk pretty one day!"
    Well, I don't talk pretty yet...but I talk pretty well and now actually dream in French and especially after a few glasses of wine am totally spontaneous...I tell jokes, I understand jokes and know a lot of obscure slang and how to cuss real good!
    I took some lessons here, but frankly, what really helped me get a grip on speaking and usage was an interactive computer program from Transparent Language...The logic of French is different than English and everything has a gender and the male female thing isn't obvious...but to get around and know how to communicate in a basic sense isn't very hard. It's a pretty fun language. I always said that English and German were the best languages for Rock and Roll music...but I have to say that French Rappers are the best! They took the form and made it work with the French natural tendency to talk at an inhuman rate of speed....
    That said, if you want to see a great French contemporary R&B artist, check a little dude named Ben l'Oncle Soul...He sounds like Otis Redding and really knows how to make French work in a R&B Context...but he sings a lot in English too. He's actually signed to MoTown...there's a lot pf stuff on YouTube. Good luck and if you need any more info or assistance, just ask...

  3. French rapper's huh? Is that Gangster rap? I've looked into Rosetta Stone, but I'll check out the Transparent Language Program as well. Thanks for that tip. If you have the nerve to give it a listen, check out a Metal band called Soul Fly. They are from Brazil, and they do a lot of tribal songs, I believe in the Portuguese language. They first came to America in the early 90's as Sepultera. I'll find a good song for Monday and post it for ya.
    The Brother-in-law doesn't have any language barrier issues, at work. He got a job at McGill University. He's one of those guys with half the alphabet after his name. But I guess the night life kind of sucks, because of him not knowing French.
    I sent Muddy a comment. I just don't know if he checks his Spam. As far as THIS new beat-off, he obviously doesn't want anyone to challenge his little world. He got very irate over nothing. Maybe one day he'll realize that his actions are just like those of the "CONSERVATIVE FUCKS" that he despises so much.
    The medieval labor can be lots of fun. I would love to drive tractors around your place. If your pictures are any indication, looks like a blast. If you start chopping wood for your new wood burner, you'll find that choir to be a phenomenal workout.

    Now, I think I'm going to check out some Ben l'Oncle Soul. Don't be a stranger.

  4. JOB, can you see why I find a blog-free life less stressful? You and the fellow you're irate about are probably a brew or two away from being best buds on the back deck, swapping stories and pitching policy ideas. I know the guy, think he's the finest kind of friend any man could ever hope for, and regret the fact that the two of you came to loggerheads over a political disagreement.

    But that's where we are today. Fairly rational, reasonable people can't politely disagree without crossing lines that push other people's buttons.

    I found myself in these pissing matches more often than I care to admit, so I just gave it up.

    Good to read a few words from my old friend MicroDot in France. Coolest dude I've run into on the web that hasn't actually come to visit in person!

    1. SQ- You got that right, Dottie is awesome. The funny thing is that I found your blog and a lot of other blogs. including your buddy, through MD.
      Make no mistake about it, this isn't stressing me out. He pissed me off, I vented, and I'm fine. You may have had experiences like that 10 times a day, I don't know. If you did, I understand your decision, I understand it anyway. If blogging gets in the way of you enjoying life, then it's not worth it.
      The problem between your friend and me, is quite simply his problem. As a politically centered, and open minded kind of guy, I have the ability to see both sides and both arguments. But I do like debating. I feel it's healthy and as long as it's friendly, you may learn a thing or two. Your friend has no interest in debating or exchanging ideas. His blog is nothing more than a ball scratching, high five fest. And that's cool, it's his blog, not mine. And I will respect his wishes.
      Just remember one thing during these high five fests. I read a lot of the Liberal blogs. A lot of them are nothing more than beat-off conventions, that do not want any sort of differing opinion, because it would unsettle there delicate little political worlds. I have debated and argued with a lot of people, with a lot of differing political beliefs. I have even argued the presence of God, abortion, and gay marriage, with the holiest of Conservatives. None of them have ever talked to me in the ignorant manner that your buddy did. What does that say about him?
      I hope you stay in touch my friend. You are a good, kind man. I too am sorry that things went down the way they did. But it did help me in realizing the error of my ways with another blogger. Bottle's half full Brother.