Sunday, November 11, 2012

Happy Veterans Day

Let's take some time out today to say thank you to our veterans. Those who served, and those who are currently serving. They have given a piece of themselves so that we can enjoy the most basic freedoms and I for one just want to say......................

Thank you so very much. I will never take your sacrifice for granted.

Veterans Day taking the hill veterans-day.jpg photo   Veterans Day veterans-day.gif photo


  1. And we still have many in the field. Time to cut Ali Baba Karzai and his 40,000 Taliban thieves loose and bring our brothers and sisters home.

  2. Silverfiddle,
    Damn you are making sense - post election, obviously.
    Karzai etal are robbing us blind and flying suitcases full of green-backs out of Kabul to Dubai EVERY friggin day. Yes, disemgage and do so now - regroup, retrain, and refocus - the next war will be with the Chinese.


  3. Great tribute, J.O.B.! Pithy and powerful.