Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Winner is ?? Drum Roll Please !!!

 The beat-off of the month for October is odd. I had the winner wrapped up by the 3rd week. But then, on the second to last day of the month, a new candidate and repeat award winner took the beat-off ball, and slam dunked it........................................................................................................
                                         Rahm Emanuel

 Congratulations, you are the BEAT-OFF of the month for October. I have discussed welfare numerous times, on this blog and others. Conservatives hate the very idea of welfare. They don't like the idea of their tax dollars going to support "Deadbeats". I can understand their point of view. Liberals believe welfare is necessary for the general well being of society as a WHOLE. I can understand their point of view. My own personal thoughts, I hate welfare, at least the system as we know it. Not enough money is put into programs to help welfare recipients gain useful and gainful employment. Legislation here is Illinois, that would fund work programs and education programs are consistently voted down in the state HOR. And it's voted down by Democrats! Which leads me to believe that they just want the vote. Maybe the Democrats are afraid of losing that voter base. It's my opinion that welfare recipients are not proud of their situations. They just have no means to a decent end. That is what is truly bothersome to me about welfare. If I look at it through a distant lens, Conservatives want to rid these "parasites" from our country. And Liberals just want to keep them beaten and broken, and VOTING.

 But then Our glorious mayor decide to kick it up a notch. Whether you agree with welfare, or not. No matter what the reason is. How can you defend THIS ? Welfare is meant to keep people off the streets. Government housing so people don't have to live in a box. Food stamps, so people don't go hungry. Low monthly income for everyday expenses. But now, welfare will be used in Chicago in order to create better parents. You have kids, but don't find it necessary to get involved in their education. No problem, we'll give you a $25 gift card to Walgreens if you pick up your child's report card and participate in conferences.

 Obviously, these parents are exceptions to the welfare rule. They have been programmed, and it has worked. They have become victims of their own upbringing. If I may make a suggestion for your gift card.
Use it to purchase birth control. Because you clearly have no chance at being a decent parent.

 Congratulations Mayor Emanuel. Not only have you helped in keeping a community down on there luck. But now you get to reward them for their awful parenting. At OUR expense. You are such a BEAT-OFF.


  1. Well said. Rahm is buttwipe. This is why this country is LOST! No one but us cares.

    1. This move is utmost egregious. The property tax payers of Chicago are now responsible for REWARDING bad parents. It is awful.

  2. Northwest Ohio NativeNovember 10, 2012 at 7:53 AM


    I agree so much more often than disagree with you. And I have such respect for you because you aren't afraid to speak what you think (not parrot someone else). Ever think about running for office?

    The fringe on the right call me a liberal, the fringe on the left call me a facist.

    1. LOLOLOLOLOLO, thanks NON, or do you mind if I call you Jeff? I've always enjoyed our banter, and yes I am very opinionated. I get that from my Mother. But, I'm not afraid to admit when I'm wrong, or to explore opposing view points.
      I have in fact explored public office, but I stand no chance. I only have 1 semester of post High School education under my belt. Not to mention all the tattoos LOLOLOLOLOLO. I have been in contact with They are an organization whose philosophy is to replace lawyers and career politicians in the HOR with ordinary Americans such as teachers and other blue collar workers. After numerous e-mails back and forth with them, I am not socially Conservative enough for them. There will be a opening in the city council next year, which I am contemplating, but as far as a high office position goes. Americans are not ready for someone like me.
      The only reason people on the right call you a Liberal is because you have opening supported Obama through his campaign. The reason the people on the left call you a fascist is because you openly disagree with them, and some Liberals don't like that, even when your argument is supported by facts. Don't worry Brother, I get the same thing, especially from the Left. I think I get a lot more slack from Conservative bloggers because I openly opposed a second Obama term. With Liberals, I find that it is a lot more contentious at times, but it's fine with me.
      But How about I don't refer to you as a Liberal or a fascist, I'll just call you my buddy. So hang in there. I still believe we'll see the day where center minded Libertarians will put our country back on track.