Monday, December 17, 2012

Absolutely amazing

Today after dropping my daughter off at school, I came home and started visiting the blogs I like. When I went to a certain blog, I was surprised to see a link to a post I wrote last Wednesday(12-12). You probably are all aware that I published a post asking some bloggers for advice on how to properly introduce my daughter to guns. So anyway, I click the link and land in the comment section of my post. At the end of the thread is a comment posted by someone going by the handle of "Adam". The comment read, "I heard the Bushmaster AR15 is good for kids".

Well, you could imagine the outrage as I saw that comment on my blog. So I deleted it, then some Malware warning pops up. I immediately call the wife in who tells me to not do anything. She gets on the horn with work. I talk to some County IT guy about what happened, then the wife talks to him. She hangs up, proceeds to go to her briefcase and pull out some little thing that plugs into the computer. She plugs it in, then does a bunch of shit with files. A minute later she unplugs it and tells me to delete the post, which I do. In that post, I received a lot of comments from people and I appreciate them all. Except the one from "Adam" of course. I would especially like to thank my buddies Tenth and Hard Nox for their input. As far as the deleted post goes, I have decided to wait quite a bit to introduce Princess to guns. Due to the combination of talking to my Uncle, and of course, Friday's events. I do not feel comfortable with such an introduction right now. But when I feel more comfortable, I will definitely take all comments into consideration, and I thank you for that.
Anyway after all that shit was done I go back to the blog I was at. I was astonished at what I read. This "Adam" guy seems to be the same guy that posted a hand full of comments at the blog I was at. Except he posted under the tag "Anonymous". Apparently he feels as though his safety is in danger. Don't laugh, he really feels that way. This is his exact handle.............Anonymous (for my own safety). At first after reading the comments, I was rather thrown for a loop, and quite angry. But then I remembered something my buddy EOK told me. I then sat back for a moment, took a breath, then I smiled and laughed. Here's what I laughed at, and keep in mind that a couple of the bloggers refer to Conservatives as the "Reactionary right" and "Posse".

“My dislike for Sepp was based on a visceral feeling that he was full of it.”

Now why would you think that? Could it be his blog and people who read it that post comments like this one?

“J.O.B. said…

Looking for help Sepp.

As for your post? Fuck them, everyone is irrelevant in there eyes. Accept for the big money donors of course.

8:55 AM”

What kind of numskull would ask Sepp for advice on anything? Probably someone who uses profanity in a public forum and bad grammar (i.e. misplaced comma). And writes “there” instead of “their” and “Accept” instead of “Except”. (Guess J.O.B. wouldn’t be one of those big money donors.) Oh, and someone who arms his 8 year old daughter.

And don’t ya know the bad schoolin’ cause they made God get out of public schools. Show me one case where intolerance is bad?

Then there was this thread on a separate post.

Anonymous (for my own safety)

12/16/2012 at 4:48 PM

I know, let’s arm our kids! (Be sure to read the comments too.)


12/16/2012 at 6:10 PM


12/16/2012 at 10:27 PM

I’m speechless.


12/17/2012 at 7:52 AM

I’m even more depressed now than I was before….sigh….

I have deleted all names and pictures just so there is no unwarranted traffic. But the anonymous poster got what he wanted, a reaction. All he had to do was drop the bait, and he gets the reaction he's looking for. The shame in it is that the Blog Administrator and the other person replying are fairly intelligent to my knowledge. The administrator left a comment on my post as well which was deleted with all the other ones. So he obviously read it. No where in that post or comment thread, did I ever mention arming my 8 year old. The thought of my kid packing heat never crossed my mind.

I start becoming curious about properly teaching firearm safety and respect to my child, since they are in the house. Some anonymous person tries to combine this with the Connecticut shootings. Then some educated people fall for it. It doesn't anger me, it just saddens me.

Here is the one thing that disturbs me though. This anonymous person is someone that I believe I've dealt with in the past. I'm pretty sure some of you have as well. After some interaction with him during the elections, and then this. I am beginning to suspect some mental Issues may be involved. Or at the least, huge self confidence issues. He seems to love going to Conservative blogs and doing a copy/paste job at his favorite Liberal blog. It seems like he does this for no reason other than to get some high fives. Maybe some validation? Maybe he is just as reactionary as the people he preaches against?

I hope that's the case. I hope it's just some sort of self esteem issue. If not, keep your eyes peeled for another mass shooting. Because a lot of the behavior seems eerily similar to what we saw out of that Adam kid in Connecticut.


  1. Johnny,

    Your anaonymous poster over at Mud's is none other than Jeff. My guess would be that Jeff is also Adam. I think he posted the AR-15 comment then ran to Mud to show Mud what kind of nuts us "right wingers" are. He's a psychopath, and I firmly believe Mud is a psychopath as well.

    I don't understand their motives, but I know they are trying to stir up shit to further their own political views. They think they can get Obama to pass serious gun control measures by proving we conservatives are crazy, even if they have to plant evidence themselves, which they have done, repeatedly.

    I really don't know why you hang out with them. I believe Dottie is normal, though left of my own views, and EOK seems to be able to get along well with others. But Mud and Jeff, or Northwest Ohio, or Adam, or whatever else he goes by, are complete whackos, who only care for you if you are useful to them.

    I am in shock over this massacre in Connecticut. I cannot imagine having such screwed up mental capacity as the shooter. But it was the nut, not the gun, that killed all those kids.

    1. I agree TJ, I also think it was Jeff.
      I do agree that this Adam character has some sort of character issue.
      Mud is alright, we have a bit in common, ideological wise. That's what I stopped doing. I stopped going to Liberal sites arguing my Right wing ideals. I stopped going to Conservative sites arguing my left wing ideals. So far, it has worked out well. There would be no problems if "Adam" didn't try getting his high fives.
      Muddy actually asked me a normal question on my post. After I deleted the repulsive comment. that's when I got that malware warning. It freaked me out because I'm not a computer genius as you know. But the better half is on top of it. Anyway, I had to delete the whole post. I did reply to Muddy's comment, but I did it on his blog.
      The comment about Dottie is true. I truly feel that if guys like Dottie, Engineer, Muddy, you, Sepp, and me were to sit and talk in person. We would all get along. As long as we stay away from any politically charged issues. LOLOLOLOLO
      You and Engineer are the only ones I've had the privilege of speaking with on the phone. Speaking of, I will be busy this week, but I will make time to call you. We need to catch up. I will keep the time difference in mind, but I may be calling from my home phone. I've been having problems with reception on my cell. Just look for the (708) area code.
      In closing, I would like to personally thank you for your advice on that post. It was very informative, and after speaking with my uncle, you and HardNox helped out a lot. I will definitely go with the .22 rifle. I contacted the local gun shop I purchased my AR from. I will be turning that in for any brand 22 rifle I want. That is my choice, for my own reasons.
      I will be waiting awhile taking her to the range though, but don't worry. I will make sure every precaution is taken, and I will make sure she has proper supervision, and lessons if that's what she wants. Thanks man, I really do appreciate it.