Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Politics? AGAIN?

 I am making an attempt to dedicate 2013 and my blog  into somewhat of a biography. I figured I would leave politics to my friends in the blogosphere, with me commenting when I had a thought or correction. But as I looked through some local newspaper articles today, something caught my eye that I felt necessary to post. You may have read THIS.

 So here is what really pisses me off. Today, the second Congressional District of Illinois (Encompasses the South side of the city as well as Southern suburbs) is holding a special Democratic primary to fill the vacant seat of Jesse Jackson Jr. Yes, THAT Jesse Jackson Jr. So anyway, Ms. Debbie Halvorson seemed to be leading the race. The problem? Ms Halvorson, a Democrat, received an A rating from the NRA. Why? She is against a ban on assault weapons and she has always supported conceal/carry in Illinois.

 Now here is where my blood pressure rises. Since Halvorson who is a gun friendly Democrat is looking like the winner, someone stepped in. You may have heard of him. A Mr. Michael Bloomberg. I guess he's the Mayor of a town called New York. Something about fountain drinks comes to mind right now. So anyway, Mr. Bloomberg, who is a staunch supporter of tighter gun control decided to lend a hand. Or shall I say two million hands. That's correct, for whatever reason, the Mayor of New York has decided to take 2 million dollars from his little political chest and hand it over to the next best candidate, Ms. Robin Kelly. It just so happens that Ms Kelly is a staunch gun control supporter herself. Now here is a quote from the Yahoo article that I linked above.
"Bloomberg elbowed his way into the race, blanketing Chicago television with ads attacking Halvorson and endorsing Kelly."
 Why do these people do things that piss me off so much? And here's the best part. That New York money could very well have been donated that believed in Bloomberg's bullshit cause. Where's their money now? Helping to finance one Democrats aspirations, while defeating another Democrats beliefs. Unreal!

 I have donated $150 to the Illinois State Rifle Association. But I promise you this Mr. Bloomberg. If Ms. Robin Kelly wins tonight, I will donate another $150 to the ISRA. But I will also double that figure to the NRA. And most importantly, I will donate at least $600 to whomever runs against you during the next election.

 Keep your opinions and money to yourself Mr. Bloomberg, you should stick to soft drinks. You piece of shit.


  1. You tell him, Johnny. Fuckin' Libtard P.I.L.E.

    1. Jesus T, it's unbelievable. BTW: Robin Kelly did win. So I guess I'll be forking over some money the next New York Mayoral cycle.

  2. Crikey, that Bloomberg guy wants to rule over everyone!

    Alinsky and communist tactics... everywhere!.....aaaarg

    1. It's sad Lisa. The fact that he used money from his own campaign fund is disgusting.