Thursday, May 31, 2012

Fucking Birthers

Trump, Birthers Should Learn from Democrats' 1880 Mistakes - Yahoo! News

You people need to stop. This guy is doing a bad enough job to be defeated on that merit. You people are arguing his place of birth, AGAIN. For fuck's sake, you're going to cost the Republican Party an election. Then what? Another four years of listening to you bitch. People are going to vote for Obama just because you are so ridiculously retarded. Get off of it all ready, for fuck's sake.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A very sad day in Chicagoland

Anthony "Tony" Cutrano was killed in a motorcycle accident Sunday afternoon. He was a co-founder of the Illinois Motorcycle Freedom Run, and worked hand in hand with The Warrior Watch Riders. Most of his work appears in numerous Welcome Home posts that you may have read on this blog. He was a Veteran, a Patriot, And a wonderful man. Rest Peacefully Tony. May god be with your family in this dark hour.

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Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Marines

I felt it necessary to do this little bio on Memorial Day weekend.

 In 1995, I was 19. Had my diploma, had some college courses under my belt. Had my own apartment (party central). Most importantly, no debt. No direction as well. You should all know, that even as a teenager, I was odd. I knew that at 19, I was retarded and didn't know shit on how the world worked. I was yearning for SOMETHING, just not sure what. It wasn't weed , beer, or girls. I had plenty of that, yet knew it was not fulfilling. One day it just hit me, I knew what I lacked. I lacked pride. Pride in myself.

 Any hopes of football were gone (Damn you genetics). Then one day I decided what I wanted to do. I wanted to be a Marine. I wanted that sword, I wanted that Blood Stripe, but most importantly I wanted to do something that a lot of people don't do. An endeavor that no one in my family had ever taken. I contacted my Brother who is friends with Jeff. Jeff was known only as The Marine. I'm guessing it's because he's the only one of my Brother's friends who served. So I meet with Jeff, and find out how things work. My plan is this, I will enlist for 4 years, then I will take advantage of the G.I. Bill while becoming a Marine reserve. After completing my degree, going into the OTC(?). I would attempt to become a USMC Officer and have that as a career. I was never sure if I would want the Marines to be a career, but after talking to The Marine, who himself was a career Marine, I had no doubt. This is what I wanted. It would give me a college education, a career, but most importantly, a sense of pride that I was desperately lacking.

 So I went down to the local recruiter, talked to that guy for about an hour. I even joked with him. "Which branch has the most females enlisted?" I asked. He replied, "The Air Force, but they all fuck Marines." I actually thought that was pretty funny. So, the first thing I had to do was take a written test. I believe it was called the ASVAB test. I did very well. When I spoke with the recruiter the next day, he asked me if I was sure I wanted to join the Marines. He told me that my test results would qualify me for numerous programs in the Navy. I politely told him I was sure, I wanted to be a Marine. The next phase was some physical crap. Turns out, that a 5'11" man should only weigh 193 LBS. I weighed 239. So I had to go to the local High Shool and run around their track. I ran 3 miles with an average time of 7.04. Then I had to do chin-ups, and push-ups. I guess my strength performance was fine. I did a body comp test which was 11.8%. After all this, I was deemed worthy to go to Basic Training. I thought the whole thing was retarded, but after talking to friends who were Marines, and considering we were not at war, I understood it. The Government does not want to spend money training some kid who will only quit on them after a few weeks. I get it, no problem.

 So I'm all set, now I just have a final interview. I was so excited. I was even given my choice of Basic. Jeff (The Marine) already told me to go San Diego, because N. Carolina had something called Sand Flees(?). In this final interview, I am asked if I have ever visited with a psychiatrist or psychologist. Too which I reply yes. They (a second guy was there) both looked at me. I didn't think nothing of it. After all, my mother had passed away 26 months prior, and my Father thought I was going through some depression phase (No fault of his own). They told me they needed the name and number of the Psychologist, which I gave. We finished the interview, and all was well. The next day the recruiter called and told me to come to the office for the final paperwork. I drove very fast. I was so excited to start this new chapter, not to mention overcoming a challenge. I sit down, that's when I get  a little dose of reality.

 "We have a problem".....My heart dropped. I'm thinking what problem, I aced all your tests, I'm ready, Let's go. The recruiter informed me that my two visits to a "Shrink" disqualified me from joining the Marines. I was stunned. Now, I'll never know if this is true, or the recruiter saw my eyes tearing up, but he told me that they may be able to get me in on waivers which would make the psych visit "Null & Void". I stood up, looked directly at the recruiter, and told him to go fuck himself.

 After getting into my car, I cried. I cried hard. It was the saddest moment of my life, next top Mom's death. I now had a new dream. It was to be retired from the Marines at 45, with a college degree and no debt. Most importantly, it was a self worth. A pride that only a handful of Americans can lay claim to. I was denied. I was denied because I was honest about the worst time in my life. My Mom died when I was 16, my Father left soon after. I got a job, and still finished High School in the top 5% of my class of 512. I had my own apartment in High School, and still kept my grades up. Apparently, you can be a high school drop out, and still join the Marines, so long as you don't spend too much time in your room.

 Needless to say, I spent my early 20's hating the Marines, HATING. Not only them, but our Federal Government. I even looked into citizenship for Canada, I was so pissed. But as I grew older, I realized one thing. It wasn't the fault of any Marine, I still don't think it was my fault. It was just not meant to be. I have since found my place in this world. A place that I love, and cherish. I have my wife and my daughter. Neither of which would have occurred if I were jumping from Chicago to Afghanistan right now.

 Memorial Day reminds me of this. I've had a lot of friends who died in combat. Even more acquaintances. And too many strangers, to look up the numbers. They all gave their lives, so I can have a Blog and tell you this story. The Corps missed out on a kid that would have made a damn fine Marine. I will never forget that, but I have forgiven, and became much appreciated for what the Corps, and other servicemen in the other branches have sacrificed on my behalf.  Please hold a moment of silence tomorrow, wherever you are at, for our brave men and women who have given their lives for our Freedom. May we never forget.

      Semper Fidelis,
           Jon O'Brien

Monday, May 21, 2012

Is a picture worth a Thousand words?

While I was surfing blogs looking for opinions and comments on the NATO protest this past weekend, I landed on Huffington Post (Chicago). One of the commenters posted a link to a photo. The link, accompanied by rebuttal comments to another poster describes how there WAS excessive force used by the CPD. Here's the photo.
The fellow officer throws a punch to stop the protester from swinging again.
What a fascist pig.

So I ask you, are pictures worth a Thousand words. If you answered yes, you would be incorrect. The commenter got this photo off of The Chicago Tribune website. Here's what the commenter left out. The photo's are from the Tribune, The captions are from yours truly.

A police officer's helmet is knocked off in the skirmish as protesters and police clash.
Police officer in riot gear has his helmet knocked off by a protester.
NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: This is considered assault
The police officer fends off protesters.
The officer grabs the perpetrator as he fends of advancing protesters.

The officers and protesters continue in a skirmish.
The officer tries to remove the perp in order to place her under arrest. NOTICE: Do you see the retard with the "Will Work For Weed" T-Shirt on?  do you think he is a fine representative of our First Amendment rights?

The officers and protesters continue in a skirmish.
As the perpetrator resists arrest, the officer looks up at another protester. I'm sure the protester was commending the officer on a job well done.

A protester whacks the officer over the head with a stick.
The arresting officer sees a protester raising a stick in strike position. He let's go of the perpetrator in order to defend himself.

The stick breaks on impact.
But it's too late. The officer is struck with the stick.

The officer begins to fall backward after being hit with the stick. A different protester draws a stick, at right.
The officer turns around to assist in the pandemonium that is starting.  The original assailant looks like she is getting away. The "Will Work For Weed" kid is offering kind words of advice. But most notably in this picture, do you notice a second protester winding up with a heavier piece of wood?

The protester swings at the officer as a fellow officer watches, at right.
Well, you were not the only one. You may notice our resident "Fascist Pig" on the right. I think he sees the assault about to take place as well.

The fellow officer throws a punch to stop the protester from swinging again.

So in conclusion, if you come to Chicago and strike a police officer, you should pray that you ONLY receive a punch to the face. Assaulting an officer is a serious crime. You thought you had a hard time finding a job before? Good luck now asshole.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

TEA BAGGERS ?????????

The last few days have been spent keeping up to date on NATO protesters, and checking out a lot of blog sites. I have witnessed a lot of Left leaning bloggers referring to Conservatives as Tea Baggers. Why?
It amazes me that Liberals will check out a Conservative blog, and within the first sentence or two, refer to the blog host as a TeaBagger. Well in the end I guess it doesn't surprise me..............................................

I have a challenge for you. I'm sure by now you have heard of the NATO 3. They are the three Douchebags that were planning terrorist type activities during the NATO Convention. It's actually quite comical. Here's some links.,0,7496291.story.
The best part is their excuse. Not only was police harassment quite evident, due to a youtube posting. But they were only making beer. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL !!!! BEER? Have any of you ever drank beer made with gasoline? As for the youtube video. I am currently trying to find a link for it, what you will notice if you happen to see it, is very poor audio, plus you never see any footage of officers speaking.........................

So, here is the challenge. Can anyone visiting this blog provide me with equivalent behavior displayed by the so called TEA BAGGERS. I'm looking for links that show Tea Party Demonstrators spitting on the face shields of officers, taunting officers with rocks, or making incendiary devices. Thank you.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Johnny O'Bloggin's Funny Ass Friday.............

A rich man and a poor man were sitting at a bar having a few drinks and they got chatting. after a while they realize both of there wedding anniverserys are the next day.
Poor man, "What did you get your wife for her wedding anniversery?"
Rich man, "I got her a pink farrari and a diamond ring."
Poor man, "What made you choose those gifts?"
Rich man, "She loves fast cars and I wasnt sure about the ring so if she doesnt like it, she can take it back in her new car... "
The poor, "Man nodds in agreement."
Rich man, "What did you get your wife?"
Poor man, "I got my wife a pair of cheep slippers and a dildo."
Rich man, "Why did you choose those gifts?"
Poor man, " Well if she doesnt like the slippers she can go fuck herself."


First big march occurred  today with a bunch of people marching to the Daley Center. Very peaceful, and they even stopped marching at red lights.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

An interruption in service..........................

I will do my best to stay on top of my normal posts. But, be advised, that as of 2 hours ago, we are receiving the dredge of society. I will keep you posted.

Update------From my understanding, A lot of the people from New York got in last night. However, they went about getting the proper permits and from what A few friends who are policing Downtown told me, they seem to be here to peacefully protest.

The news is also reporting that some anarchist's websites are telling protesters to move to the the suburbs, since  police presence will not be as high as the city.  I will keep everyone posted with anything I hear.

Bet you thought I forgot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The 2ND Amendment !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As most of you know, I dedicated 2012 to the Bill of  Rights (The first 10 Amendments. You'd be amazed at how many people do not know this). Did you think I forgot? Well, I didn't. I've just been blogging my ass off to learn different opinions and ideas.

So I figured I would include our Second Amendment discussion with my political beliefs. I'm sure the Conservatives that visit my blog are thinking right about now, this guy is a bleeding heart. Oh, I beg to differ. Lets gut started................................................................................................................

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

Here's a link for a good editorial:

As a person, I believe wholeheartidly in guns. I love them. I own 3 myself. Sig9MM,  45 caliber, not to mention my newly acquired AR-15. I shot my first gun at the age of 9. A lot of Anti-Gun guys will say it's a power thing. For me, it's adrenaline, and therapy. I have had some bad days and trust me, nothing is better than going to the range. As far as power, that's what my powerlifting is for. STRONGER THAN ALL motherfucker.

As a politician on the state level, I would immediately push for legislation that would permit Conceal/Carry in my home state. Seriously? How progressive are we? The only state that does not allow any carry-type permit. That is just fucking retarded...................................
As a politician on the Federal level, I would support, PUSH and cry, for an amendment to the Constitution, mandating states to recongnize some sort of Carry Legislation.

Blogs, they are great. If you want to witness EXTREMISM on the LEFT side, just visit some Anti-Gun blogs. These guys are not only nuts, but also retarded. Most feel that the only solution would be to eliminate all guns from society. But where would that leave us? I'll tell you, Raping and pillaging, just like the old west.

The more sensible Gun-Control lobbyist are a little better, or at least I thought..................
I've spent a lot of time visiting one blog that I seemed to really gravitate to I let Mike know of my beliefs on guns from the start. He informed me of his. But yet, I am bewildered. Mike is not what he seems to be, or is he? His biggest complaint, not to mention post format, seems to be guns giving easy access to murders and suicides.  He is also big into accidental shootings, and responsible parties not being held accountable...............................................

Which is fine, until you throw politics in, which I did on a post. Mike wants testing on gun owners, specifically, psychological testing. In one post , I offered a simple solution. This was my solution, Let's equate the right to bear arms with the right to vote. You want testing done in order to own a gun? I.Q., or mental?  That's fine, but the same testing should be administered before you are allowed to vote. Basically, If you take a test at the age of 18, and you are worthy to vote, you are allowed to own a gun, but Mike didn't like that...............................................

So what's your opinion on guns? What's your opinion on the Second Amendment? I would appreciate comments, and follow-up. Remember, I am looking to garner votes publicly, just to see where I stand.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Johnny O'Bloggin's Musical Monday............

One of my favorite classic rock bands is the Rolling Stones. This is "Angie", I hope you enjoy.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

To all you Mothers and Step-Mothers out there. Today is a celebration of you, and I hope you all have a wonderful day.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

What are Liberals going to do now ?

The biggest argument the Left has had about Romney is the 'ol Flip Flop. I guess that just went up in smoke. Let's go over this step by step. Here's an interesting article you may want to read.

Now I would like to examine that article. I'll give you a quick walk through. In 1996, Barack Obama was running for Illinois State Senate. At that time, he was a firm supporter of same sex marriage. He was running in the 13th District which encompasses UIC. The kids there probably looked at him as a hip young politician. In 2004 he did an about face. He now supported civil unions, but was against same sex marriage. Oh, I forgot to mention he was running for U.S. Senator at the time. He has staunchly been against same sex marriage since..

                      UNTIL NOW
Just last week the President came out in full support of Same Sex Marriage, and equal rights to same sex couples wanting to marry. Here is a quote from the ABC interview with Robin Roberts.

"I have to tell you that over the course of several years as I have talked to friends and family and neighbors when I think about members of my own staff who are in incredibly committed monogamous relationships, same-sex relationships, who are raising kids together, when I think about those soldiers or airmen or Marines or sailors who are out there fighting on my behalf and yet feel constrained, even now that Don't Ask Don't Tell is gone, because they are not able to commit themselves in a marriage, at a certain point I’ve just concluded that for me personally it is important for me to go ahead and affirm that I think same sex couples should be able to get married."

So the President had a change of heart. His view on this has evolved, and has nothing to do with politics. He's a great man who has made history (Again) by becoming the first sitting President to endorse same sex marriage. That's pretty much what I've read on some Liberal blogs. I would like to offer you this, from the above article.

Barack Obama: I am a fierce supporter of domestic-partnership and civil-union laws. I am not a supporter of gay marriage as it has been thrown about, primarily just as a strategic issue. I think that marriage, in the minds of a lot of voters, has a religious connotation. I know that's true in the African-American community, for example. And if you asked people, 'should gay and lesbian people have the same rights to transfer property, and visit hospitals, and et cetera,' they would say, 'absolutely.' And then if you talk about, 'should they get married?', then suddenly ...

So where does the strategy fall this time. It can't be strategic, it must be from the heart. Right? Wrong again Obama supporters. Obama has lost some of the Hispanic vote that he once had in '08. So where could he tap into? Homosexuals. An untapped resource for a President running for re-election. Some might think this could actually hurt him with the black vote, since a lot of black citizens are against homosexual marriage. But don't worry, our benevolent leader already thought of that one.

No worries, Reverend Al and the NAACP are on the case.

OH! I'm sorry, did I fail too mention that you are a flip-flopping piece of shit. My apologies President Obama. You deserve much better.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The F word........................

 It would be so easy to discuss the word, FUCK. But, what fun would that be? I want to discuss Fags. You know. Dykes, Homos, Homosexuality, and all of those who bat for the pink team.
 Why is this country so against homosexuality, and what does it have against homos getting married? N.Carolina voted in an Amendment today that declares marriage to be only between a man and a women. WHY?
 A friend once said that Homosexuality was a choice, not wiring in the brain. Even though I disagree, I do not want to debate that. My question is why are Americans so afraid to accept homosexuals as equals? Is it your religion? Doesn't Christianity teach love for ALL humans? Or, are we only allowed to accept, those who are the same as us?
 If The Institution of marriage in this country is so "HOLY', how come divorce rates are at an all time high? In fact, if you were to answer my question by saying that you were against same sex marriage because you did not want to create any more business for divorce lawyers. I couldn't argue, they are leeches after all. But you don't, it always seems to revolve around religion. Why? What does Jesus say? Is it an abomination?
 During the last political post, a friend told me about the dangers of single parent families. When I asked him about a homosexual family adopting, he was completely against it. Sort of a contradiction isn't it? A contradiction I've been living with for years.
 I have never had a problem with Homosexual marriage, but I never agreed with Gay adoption. I've always felt that more research needed to be done on how it effected the child. But isn't two loving parents better than one? I think it's time that this country gets it's head out of it's ass. We have all these problems, but yet we want to debate homosexual rights?
 My Nephew is a Homo. I remember when he first told me, I remember how he held his head down in  shame. My most surprising memory of that moment, is just how much I did not give a shit. I held him, and told him how much I loved him, no matter what. Still do to this day. I asked him the other day, who do you like for President Elect of 2013. He told me neither, because neither one of them looked at his basic Human rights as fundamental. I can not disagree with him.
 So tell me, why should gay marriage be banned throughout this country?

Johnny O'Bloggin's Musical Monday.....................

Frederic Francois Chopin.  It was once said that Frederic Chopin was the master of writing poetry with his piano. I would agree. Hope you enjoy.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Johnny O'Bloggin's Funny Ass Friday.............

Individuality - Demotivational Poster
                                              Isn't that the truth

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Winner Is ?????????????????? Drum Roll Please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congratulations bathroom whore, you are the beat-off of the month for April..........................

I don't even know where to begin with this retardation. First, I'm figuring no one here has been to The Aragon Ballroom. It's a great place to see a metal show, but the bathrooms are not what you would call tip-top. They are literally disgusting. I've actually seen people urinate in  the garbage cans before, and I'd be lying if I said I didn't think about it.

Secondly, you had sex with a stranger in a disgusting public bath LOLOLOLOLOLOLO room. LOLOLOLOLL.....I don't even know where to continue.

Congratulations beat-off...................