Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Politics? AGAIN?

 I guess I just can't escape venting. Don't blame me though, there is some major retardation going on out there. And sometimes it is just too much for me to take. Today I was reading through the internet, when I stumbled upon a series of different articles that drove me nuts. On March 14th, Senator Rob Portman (R) of Ohio came out in support of Gay rights, and marriage equality. This occurred after Portman's son came out as a gay man.

 Now anyone that has read this blog knows of my life and gay rights. My Nephew made a big leap about 5 years ago and came out of the "closet". He admitted to me that he was gay, and was shown love and comfort by me with open arms. Since that day, I have been a strong advocate for marriage equality and gay rights. Because of my experience, I applaud Senator Portman. And that is where my disgust begins.

 First, I stumbled upon THIS article. Here is the opening paragraph from the piece.
"WASHINGTON -- Hypocrite. Narcissist. Wingnut. Bigot. Those are some of the epithets -- not counting the expletives -- that have been hurled at Sen. Rob Portman, R-Ohio, since he announced Friday that he now supports same-sex marriage because his son is gay. But these epithets aren't coming from the right. They're coming from the left."
Absolutely amazing. To those Liberal heroes of the world that agree with this paragraph. You are complete and utter jerk offs. I really don't need to put it into words, since the article in the link does a pretty good job of that. But I would like to add one thing not found in the article. Everyone knows that The POTUS decided after long Dinners with his family that Gay Marriage is okay. This was deemed acceptable, and by most, a Way To Go Buddy moment. Obviously the same people who claim Sen. Portman's new thoughts on gay equality lack empathy are the same people that thought Obama's change of heart was way Cool. Of course what you Lefties fail to realize is that this is not the first change of heart the President has had on the subject. In fact, the President's view on marriage equality seams to change as often as Chicago's weather. Depending on whose vote is being courted of course. So do yourselves a favor Liberal detractors. Leave Sen. Portman be. Let him travel down this new road with the Son that he obviously loves. And wouldn't you prefer a Senator who writes laws from the heart, instead of the Church anyway?

 Second, If you haven't seen THIS article yet, feast your eyes. Here is a quote from the GingPac article.
"Homosexual sex is ultimately just as destructive as cocaine use. Would Portman suddenly call for the legalization of cocaine if his son had announced that he was a cocaine addict? Would that be “loving” and “compassionate”?"
To you Conservative freedom fighters that agree with this parsgraph, HOLY FUCK!!!! That is one of the most retarded things I have ever heard. I may have to bring the beat-off of the month contest back. You people can not possibly be ready to make this argument. Now I apologize if this offends anyone, but my wife and I still have oral sex. Are we fucked? Or is that okay since we are heterosexual? You are comparing a woman going down on another woman and a man going down on another man, to a powder that is made by manufacturing the Coca plant with Ether? Are you people fucking delirious? Hey Right Wing fucktards, you're against gay marriage, I get it. But when you claim that sexual acts performed by same sex partners is as destructive as Cocaine use. Well, now you are nothing but lost souls. I will say a prayer for you.

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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy St. Patrick's Day.............

 Just thought I would celebrate my holiday with all of you the only way I know how.

Friday, March 1, 2013

MOM'S DEAD....(My Life - Part II)

 "I'll be back in a couple of hours Mom. I have to go home and do a little homework and I'd like to take a shower". "OK honey", she replied. It took me a little over an hour to finish my homework and then I got into the shower. I remember taking a very hot and long shower. Just standing under the water thinking, hoping, even praying. Praying to a god that I had no belief in, but praying none the less. How could things go so wrong? How could life be so cruel to such a wonderful person? As I got out of the shower I remember looking at my skin in amazement. How could I have been so wrapped up in my own thoughts that my skin was as pink as Ms. Piggy? LOLOLOL. Trust me, it was pink. That water must have been real hot. As I'm getting dressed I hear the front door open. "Jonathon!", says the voice. I threw on my shirt and ran downstairs. There in the doorway was my Brother-In-Law. I saw his eyes teared up and he was sort of trembling. "What's wrong?" I asked even though I knew. "Mom's dead", he whaled as he shrunk into my shoulders. I think that's when I experienced what Therapists call "Shut Down".

 I remember back in October of '92 my Mother was complaining of a bad sore throat. Right after her birthday she made a Doctor's appointment. I came home one day after Football practice and she says, "Honey, I need to Talk to you". "What's up", I asked. "Well Honey, I had to take some tests at the Doctor's" she said. "OK" I replied. "It turns out That I have cancer and that's why I have had a sore throat." "But don't worry, I will be just fine." She must have said that because she saw the look on my face. I can only guess that it was a look of "What the Fuck". But I believed her. After all, she worked in the cancer ward of Palos Community Hospital. I guess I knew deep down that this wasn't good, but I took my Mother's word for it.

 The Radiation treatments did nothing except turn my Mother into a shell of her former self. Anyone who has had someone close to them die of cancer has my utmost and complete sympathies. I remember Christmas time is when my Mother had shaved her head. She was losing her hair in big clumps, so she decided to keep her pride and shave her head. She was now a 55 year old bald woman. I did the only thing a loving Mama's boy could do. I shaved my head. (Yes this is where my shaved head look started) As an added bonus her license was revoked. Now I'm not sure if it was the intensity of the treatment, or if Radiation is that much different than Kemo, but she was no longer allowed to drive. Some time shortly after New Years my Mom asked me for a small favor, that would end up changing my life forever. "Jon, I need you to do me a favor and go get me some cigarettes." I was shocked, "You quit smoking, I can't buy you cigarettes." She started to cry, which really tore me up. Never in my life had something I've said or done made my Mother cry. "Honey, I need a cigarette. So please just do this for me, and then we'll talk". So, I did it. I went and bought cigarettes for my Mother, who had Esophageal Cancer which was due to smoking.

 I got home and she had a cup of coffee and a cigarette. She told me to come sit with her at the table. "Honey, my cancer has progressed. I decided to end my radiation treatments." "Why", I asked. "Jon, this is going to be hard for you and it is very hard for me. But I'm going to die honey. I don't know when, but it is inevitable." I lost it, I started balling right there. She came over and knelt down and held me in her arms. "Look at me honey." I took my head away from her shoulder and looked at her. "Now you have grown up to become a wonderful young man. I am so proud of you and proud to call you my Son. I don't know how much time I have left but I'm sure it's not much. I just want to enjoy the little time that I have left with you, your Brother, and Sisters." She assured me that I could handle this, and right then I decided to be the young man that she told me I was. "So what do you want to do now", I asked. "Go get Monopoly", she said. We played Monopoly for three hours that day. It was great.

 As weeks went by, I spent all my free time with her. We watched movies, played cards, and just had fun doing mundane stupid shit. Dad would come home and cook Dinner, or order in. My Mom talked to my Principal, so I was able to take a lot of days off of school. Mom continued to smoke and I continued to get them for her. I remember it was early February when Mom started getting real bad. We spent less and less time playing games as most of her time was spent on the couch, moaning in pain. The cancer was eating her alive and I had a front row seat. She spent the last eight days of her life in a private room at the hospital she worked at, on the floor she was a nurse.

 When I got to her room I grabbed her hand. She was still warm. I leaned over and kissed her on the forehead. 20 years ago tonight, right now at this very moment, we were all sitting and standing in her room. Waiting for the funeral home to come pick her up. March 1st has never been a fun day since.