Saturday, February 15, 2014

What a fucking game!!!!!! (Our Life-Part I)

 What a game. It was Sox home opener and we kicked the shit out of KC, 12-5. If I remember correctly it was a Tuesday and Larry and I carried on our annual tradition of attending the Sox home opener. After the game, we went to Bourbon St. We were sitting there drinking beers and shots while watching baseball highlights. Larry excused himself. I sat there watching ESPN. When he got back he said, "Hey JOB, let's go over here. I used to date one of these girls". We went over to a table with 3 girls. Larry sat down next to some broad named Cary who he used to date. I guess  I had a choice between the other two. Just so happens that I sat next to the Blonde. Not that I prefer blondes, but she was facing the TV's.

 After Sportcenter I was done and ready to party. The blonde woman's name was Megan and we conversed about the most mundane shit. She worked for the local county's Sheriff's department. She was from the same neighborhood I used to live in. Even though she was "Bicycle Irish" and half Dago, we hit it off immediately.

 At this point, I was "Playing the field". I was the proverbial whore. Fucking anything that moved. When I walked into a room, fish stopped swimming. One of the whores was ready to give birth to my first child "optimal conditions, I know". And although I was ready to be a child's Father. I was not ready to be a woman's Husband. Kind of fucked up, don't you think? But cut me some slack. I was monogamous when my retarded friends were going to college. So now was the time for me to live it up.

 But there was something different about that night. I talked to Megan for hours while Larry was lip-locked with Cary. I connected with a woman like I had never connected before. She has big breasts. But I can honestly say to everyone that she has greenish blue eyes. The point? I've never before looked at a woman as more than my personal amusement. But with Megan I was captivated by every syllable.

I offered her a ride home which she obliged. But when we got to her apartment it wasn't the usual. There was no pussy/ass licking, or cock sucking. But there was something. There was the two of us at her home at 5:00 AM talking and sharing. I called in sick that morning. Megan and I stayed up until probably 10:00 AM. Just getting to know each other. And in my opinion. She was as lost as I was. For her own reason.