Sunday, November 16, 2014

The murderous mind.....with a loving heart......(Her Life- Part IV)

After the the issues with the Mother figure, things got ugly. I decided to just let my attorney take over. She suggested that I attend a parenting class. Honestly, I thought it was a good idea. At this point I knew the broad was crazy, I just didn't know the extent. So I researched parenting classes that focused on the psychological development of children. I figured that is what Keira would need the most.

I signed up for the Adlerian parenting courses. The class was held downtown. One day, about a week into the class, I received a phone call from Megan. I hit mute. She called again and I hit mute again. The phone rang again. I told the instructor that I had to take the call. I left the class and called Megan back. She was hysterical. She received a call from DCFS claiming that they received a call reporting sexual abuse on my Daughter. I raced home to find out that I had been accused of sexual assault.

I didn't know what to do or think at this point. Just being part of Keira's life had been a battle. But four months into it and I'm being investigated for the worst possible crime against a child. My very own child. All this CUNT had to do was make an accusation. I was astonished.

I contacted my attorney who advised me to forfeit my visitation until after the investigation was complete. HAHAHAHA. Forfeit my visitation. Does anyone really know what that means? It means walking away from a life that you created. Because some dirty cunt would rather have her Daughter's Father out of the picture, Because they are not together. I went 6 weeks without seeing my child. Without smelling her. Without caring for her. And all I was being told was that this whole thing was just a process. A process! LOLOLOLOL! The next chapter is going to explain how a somewhat normal man deals with this process.